Tell me what you buy and I will tell you who you are

Tell me what you buy and I will tell you who you are.

Applied Data Analysis EPFL, Autumn 2019

Group Bubble582 under supervision of Robert West


In this project we are focusing on the consumer habits related to the customers profiles from an unknown shopping center in the US. Living in a time and age when every piece of our data is stored and analysed, we wonder what information retailers can gather and infer about us. An unknown American shopping center recorded up to 2 years of transactions for a group of voluntary customers. Based on this data, we seek to identify what are the links, if they exist, between specific demographics (e.g. marital status, income, number of children, etc) and purchase patterns. In other words, we would like to see how "easy" it is for retailers to infer a specific profile of their customers based on what they buy. Of course, this would lead to targetted marketing. In other words, we want to evaluate how much of a target we, as consumers, actually are.

Data Story:

Tell me what you buy, and I will tell you who you are. A data story.Preface. Due to rumours about the troublesome ability of shopping centers to infer consumer information based on their shopping patterns, a private investigator, Detective Duck, was hired by a consumer advocacy group to investigate the matter.

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Additionnal information about the data story.Preface. As in most cases, the people who collect the data are not the same as those who analyse them, and they are often not data analysis specialists. In Duck's investigation, it is not a different

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Our amazing team:

Lou Locci

Life Science and Engineering

Amandine Goffeney

Life Science and Engineering

Marijn van der Meer

Data Science

Marco Pietro Abrate

Data Science